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JULL Basic Kit-(Device and Charger)

With JUUL, you get a vaporizer that's convenient, easy to use, and familiar to adult smokers. Using exclusively proprietary e-liquid formulation, vapor technology has never been easier to use and has never been more satisfying. Get your Jull Slate Basic Kit online today at Matrix-Wholesale.com 

Just drawing on Juul activates the device, offering full-bodied flavor and a nicotine level comparable to analogs for new vapers.

It's the perfect solution when you don't want to be tethered to a mod and tank all day. Experienced vapers love it as a backup or primary device. Juul isn’t just small, it’s tiny. When the JuulPod is in place, it measures just under 4 inches long and fits in any pocket.

The Juul recharges with a magnetic USB dongle that plugs into your computer or wall charger.

No matter what kind of vaper you are, Juul is the must-try product of the year. Your taste buds will be blown away by this microdevice's performance and flavor.


  • Display box of 8 -Basic Kit that includes the Juul device and charger 


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